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How do I sync my files and photos?
How do I sync my files and photos?

Learn how you can sync your files and photos in Internxt cloud service

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In the mobile app

To sync and encrypt your photos from your phone library to the Internxt cloud, simply:

  1. Open the Internxt mobile app

  2. Select "Photos," and your photos will start syncing automatically

Feel free to pause the syncing process at any time by selecting "Pause" in the upper right corner of the screen.

Note: Experiencing issues? You may need to give the Internxt Photos app permission to access your photos. You should be prompted automatically, but if not, visit your device's settings and allow Internxt access to your phone's photo gallery.

Internxt Photos interface and features

In the desktop app

Syncing your files from the desktop app is very easy and intuitive, simply:

  1. Press the play button you will see at the bottom to start the synchronization

2. The app will notify you when the sync is completed.

You may pause the sync by hitting the stop icon at any time. Please don’t interrupt the internet connection until the synchronization process is finished.

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