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How can I upload files from my phone?
How can I upload files from my phone?
Learn how you can upload files from all the platforms where Internxt is available.
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  1. Open the Internxt mobile app

  2. Tap the blue plus (+) icon at the bottom-center of the screen

  3. Select “Upload files” or select “Upload from camera roll” to upload a photo

  4. By selecting the blue plus (+) icon, you can also create a “New folder” to store newly uploaded files

You can also use our desktop and website app for uploading your files!

Internxt secure cloud service mobile application


  1. Click the “Folder” icon in the top-right corner to open the Internxt folder

  2. Drag and drop files or photos directly to the folder

Note: You may change the default Internxt folder configuration by selecting

“Preferences” and clicking “Change folder”.

Internxt secure cloud service desktop application


  1. Visit our website and login

  2. Drag and drop chosen files or photos directly into the browser window

  3. Or click “New” in the right-hand corner of the browser which will open Explorer or Finder and select the files you wish to upload

Internxt secure cloud service web application

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