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How do I install the Internxt app for Ubuntu and other systems?
How do I install the Internxt app for Ubuntu and other systems?

This article addresses potential issues encountered when installing the Internxt app on Ubuntu and other Linux systems.

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Installing Internxt for Ubuntu

Internxt Drive packages the Linux app in a .deb for Debian-based distros and AppImage for any distro:

  • .deb: Designed specifically for Ubuntu and Debian-based Linux distributions.

  • .AppImage: Works on most Linux systems, regardless of the specific distribution.

Internxt is a secure cloud storage service to store your files privately.

Common Issues and Solutions:

  1. Errors Installing .deb on Ubuntu:

    • Solution 1: Use your system's package manager. Most package managers (like apt on Ubuntu) can automatically find and install missing dependencies required by the app. Simply run the package manager as usual, which should handle the installation.

    • Solution 2: Manually install dependencies. This method is more technical and may require searching online for specific instructions for your system.

  2. Internxt App Not Launching (Any System):

    • Try .AppImage: This format includes all necessary components and might be a simpler solution. You can download the .AppImage from our GitHub page here.

Additional notes for some desktop environments

Some Desktop Environments on Linux Require Additional Setup for the Tray Icon.

The Internxt application utilizes a "tray icon" for easy access, typically located on your screen's top or bottom bar.

However, depending on your desktop environment, you might need to install additional software for it to display correctly.

Specifically, Fedora users with the Gnome desktop environment* (the default for Fedora) will require an extension downloadable from the Gnome website.

*Note: While Gnome is Fedora's standard desktop environment, other versions (Spins) might use different environments with varying tray icon requirements.

Why Separate Installers and Missing Dependencies?

Internxt focuses on ensuring a smooth experience for Ubuntu users. Including all dependencies in the .deb installer would increase its size.

By relying on your system's package manager, the app can share dependencies with other programs, saving disk space. This is a common practice for software developers.

Useful resources

You can check our GitHub page to stay up to date with new releases and updates for the Linux app, new features, and to view the source code.

Still Having Issues?

If you've tried the solutions above and encountered further problems, contact Internxt support for further assistance at [email protected] They can help diagnose the specific issue and guide you toward a solution.

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