How do I install Internxt's desktop app?
Learn how to install our desktop application easily following these steps.
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To install the Internxt desktop application, simply follow the steps listed below:

  • Go to the Internxt website

  • Scroll down the home page and select "Download apps"

  • Click "Download for Mac", "Windows", or "Linux"

    Internxt is a secure cloud that let you store your files in total privacy

  • The application will then automatically download. Wait for the Internxt desktop app to install

  • Once the downloading process is completed, you will be asked to run the app, please agree

  • Once in the app, a login screen will pop up, input your credentials and log in

Internxt Drive log in form

And that's it! You have successfully downloaded the Internxt desktop app.

You may also download the application directly from the Internxt web app account screen by selecting the "Install desktop app" icon on the left side of the page.

Download Internxt secure cloud storage for Windows

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