How can I create a new folder?

Next to the ”Upload” button, you will find an icon to add a new folder.

Upload buttom on Internxt Drive interface

You can complete different actions by clicking on the three dots displayed on the right side of each folder or file.

File options buttom on Internxt Drive interface

How can I download a file?

You can download a file to your mobile device or computer by clicking “Download,” the first option listed.

How can I rename a file?

Next to the name of the file or folder you will see a pencil icon, click the icon to edit or rename the file or folder.

File options buttom on Internxt Drive interface
File options buttom on Internxt Drive interface

Another option is to select the “Rename” option after clicking the three dots.

How can I share a file or folder?

Next to each folder or file you will also find icons to download, share, and delete a file.

Click on the sharing icon, the middle one, and select how many times you would like the link to be valid, then copy the link below and send it to whoever however you like.

File options buttom on Internxt Drive interface

How can I view a file or folder’s technical information?

Click on the three dots and click the “Info” option to see information about the file or folder like the date, size, etc.

File options buttom on Internxt Drive interface

How can I organize my files or folders?

It’s easy to change the order of your files and folders, and sort them by name, date, type, or size, you just need to click on the title on the top bar and select your preferred format.

How can I delete a file?

To delete a file you need to click on the trash can or delete icon you will find next to the file or folder.

Warning: Once you delete a file or folder, you will permanently lose this file or folder. We will soon release a new trash can feature allowing users to access deleted items for 30 days so they may be recovered.

How can I preview a document or image?

You can access a preview of a file or image on the Internxt web app by simply clicking on the item. You will be able to view any documents before downloading them. On mobile, you must download the image to view it.

Thumbnails of images are not currently available on the mobile app, but we are working on providing this option very soon. Stay tuned!

Internxt is a secure cloud storage service

If you have any other questions regarding how to use Internxt please read other articles on how to use Internxt or reach out us to [email protected].

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