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Getting Started with Internxt
Getting Started with Internxt

Get started using Internxt! Learn about how to log into your account, use all the features and access your files in a secure way.

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Welcome to InternxtWelcome to Internxt! In this article you will learn how to get started with internxt and what you are able to do with our service.
How to create an Internxt accountFind out how to create a free Internxt account. Start using our secure cloud storage following these steps, it’s very easy!

How do I install Internxt's desktop app?Learn how to install our desktop application easily following these steps.
How can I create, rename, download, share, move, or delete a file or folder?How to create, rename, download, share, move, or delete a file or folder using Internxt Drive app
What is two-way sync, and how does it work?Learn how Internxt's two-way synchronization feature works
How does backup work?Learn how to do a backup of your files and photos using Internxt's backup feature
How can I see how much storage space I have left?How to check the amount storage space used and the storage space you have left on your Internxt account.
Is there a limit to how many times a link can be shared?Learn about the limit of times you want to share a file or folder on Internxt Drive
Do I need an Internxt account to view a link or a shared folder?Learn how to view a link or a shared folder on Internxt
Is there a limit to the size of folders or files?Learn about the limit to the size of folders and files on Internxt secure cloud service
How do I reset my password?Learn how to reset the password of your Internxt account.
Where can I find my account logs?Learn how you can find your account logs on Internxt desktop application.
Can I configure 2FA?Set up 2-Factor Authentication. Learn how to configurate your 2FA or backup key to protect your account in two steps
I lost my 2FA codeGet a solution and learn here what you can do if you lost your two-factor authenticator or backup key to access Internxt
How can I reset my account?Learn how to reset your Internxt account
My account is locked due to too many failed login attemptsFind out what to do if you cannot log in because your account is locked for security reasons. Internxt’s support is here to help you.