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What is Internxt?
What is Internxt?
Learn more about our culture, mission and vision. Regarding our aim to help ensure privacy online and security for users.
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Here at Internxt, we believe that what humanity can achieve is extraordinary. We want to become a force of positive change that pushes society towards a better, brighter future. To do so, we are completely reengineering the status quo of a variety of industries, through the application of innovation in a way that’s coherent.

Privacy is a fundamental human right.

Internxt believes that humanity can achieve great things and that the tools we set out to create should serve a free society and allow all persons to pursue excellence without fear for their digital security.

Our products are built to not only empower people but also to promote fairness and ethical practices online. Internxt is a tool for the user to use, not a data bank built to make money off users’ data. We don’t possess or own your data, you do.

Internxt Drive lets you choose what to store and share. Our service doesn’t access your personal data or files for ad purposes, instead is designed to give you back control over your files and protect you from data collection and advertising companies.

Internxt Drive is a zero-knowledge file storage service that’s based on absolute privacy and uncompromising security.

Internxt is a secure cloud that let you store your files in total privacy

We use technology that makes people’s data and files fully encrypted, therefore they will be totally safe. We are not able to know the content of their files because they are fragmented and distributed to different data centers we have in the network.

Our cloud service has a desktop app and a mobile app and they are compatible with all devices. It is well-designed, easy to use, and available on all devices.

Internxt Photos is a photos app that allows you to store your photos in a safe way.

Share your photos with ease, security is all on us. Internxt focuses on privacy and security, so you only have to focus on what matters to you, like sharing files with your coworkers or the photos from your last trip with your family. You choose who you want to share with and how many times you want them to be downloaded.

Internxt is a secure cloud that let you store your files in total privacy

Internxt Send allows you to securely send any sort of encrypted file to anyone by email or with an easy-to-use sharing link.

Internxt Send is a secure way to send and transfer files

Protecting their users’ privacy conflicts with their business model, which is to use your data in order to serve you targeted ads. That’s why these companies collect more data than what is actually needed. Internxt services will help us strengthen our position as a secure cloud service.

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