Here at Internxt, we believe that what humanity can achieve is extraordinary. We want to become a force of positive change that pushes society towards a better, brighter future. To do so, we are completely reengineering the status quo of a variety of industries, through the application of innovation in a way that’s coherent.

Internxt’s mission is to help shape a world that respects humanity’s privacy rights. The right to privacy is a fundamental right, and we want to ensure that it truly remains like that. To do so, we are releasing a series of services, which all have the common goal of helping humanity achieve that fundamental right.

Internxt Drive is Internxt’s first service. It’s an alternative to Google Drive & Dropbox, and uses innovation as a way to ensure that files remain private to the end user. For far too long, companies like Google and Microsoft have abused their position and violated their users’ privacy. Recent events have highlighted the problems that their business models can create. Protecting their users’ privacy conflicts with their business model, which is to use your data in order to serve you targeted ads. That’s why these companies collect more data than what is actually needed. Internxt Photos, Mail and Send are three other services that will help us strengthen our position as an alternative to Google & co.

We have a unique chance to make a true impact in society, in the way we think it makes the most sense. We’d love to enter the path to become the next Unicorn.

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