Welcome to Internxt

Welcome to Internxt! In this article you will learn how to get started with internxt and what you are able to do with our service.

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No more trusting your data with faceless corporations and Big Tech. Keep your files and photos encrypted and secure, accessible on any device, and safe out of the reach of hackers and cybercriminals, with your Internxt account.

Access your files on any device, anywhere, anytime!

Internxt on web browser

If your device gets internet, Internxt is available! Get effortless access to your files, photos, and information. Send and share from any web browser. Manage backups and organize as needed, just log in and manage your files in complete privacy.

Internxt Desktop applications

Available for: Windows, macOS, Linux

Internxt Drive

Internxt Drive is as good as a physical hard drive, with all the security benefits of a private and secure cloud storage provider. Access, edit, and back up files just as you would normally and save valuable computer space by moving your files over to the cloud.

Internxt mobile apps

Available for: iOS and Android

Internxt Drive secure cloud storage.

End-to-end encryption in the palm of your hand.

Uploading and sharing files with Internxt

There are a few simple ways to save and store your files to Internxt, and upload files and folders them via Internxt Web, Desktop and Mobile.

Share encrypted files safely and securely

Want to share sensitive information? Or just want the added security of end-to-end encryption? Share your files by creating shared links. With Internxt, you can even put a limit on how many times a link can be shared.

Backup your files to the Internxt cloud

Automate file backups and choose which folders you want encrypted and stored without giving it a second thought. Backups can only be initiated from a desktop device. You may access your backed-up files by clicking the “Backups” tabs and selecting the device backup you wish to access.

Sync your files with the desptop apps

You can sync files with Mac, Windows, and Linux to the Internxt cloud. Simply open the Internxt app click "Settings" and select "Sync".

For the best experience with the desktop apps, download the most recent versions of your chosen apps.

Experiencing issues? You may need to give the Internxt app permission to access your files. You should be prompted automatically, but if not visit your device settings and allow Internxt access to your files.

Internxt private cloud storage

Enjoy secure, private cloud storage with Internxt

We mean it when we see privacy as a fundamental human right. Everything we do here at Internxt put’s user’s security first. Find out more about our commitment to privacy and why your personal information is safe and sound with Internxt.

Internxt is an open-source service. That means all the source code our cloud storage services are built upon is open to the public and independently verifiable. If you would like to take a look at our code, head on over to our GitHub page and check it out for yourself.

Still have questions or feedback? We're here to help! Feel free to reach out to us at [email protected]

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