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Learn more about Internxt! Information about our mission, culture and vision. Contact support and location of the company.

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Is Internxt open source?Internxt is available on GitHub where you can fully check our code since we are open source and trasparent with all our services.
Free Tools for Improving Online SecurityInternxt doesn’t just offer subscription cloud services, we are also working hard to provide you with several free online resources.
What is Internxt?Learn more about our culture, mission and vision. Regarding our aim to help ensure privacy online and security for users.
Where are Internxt and its servers located?Information about where Internxt and its servers are located. The infrastructure's location and the law applied to our company.
How do I contact support?Can't find what you're looking for? Contact us! You can get our team to answer your questions, issues or feedback.
Which languages do you speak?Learn in which languages you can communicate with our team! Send your questions and feedback in any of the languages listed
I want to work at Internxt. Where can I apply?Work at one of the fastest-growing companies out there!
What is Zero-Knowledge Encryption?Learn what is Zero Knowledge Encryption & End-to-end Encryption. About Internxt's commitment into zero-trust philosophy and total privacy.
Can Internxt access my files?Can Internxt access my files? Is Internxt really private? Find out in this article about how Internxt ensures privacy.
Does Internxt have an Affiliate Program?Are you interested in earning commisions via our affiliate program? Learn more about it in this article.
Is Internxt GDPR compliant?Learn about how Internxt complies with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in all its services.
How do I subscribe to your newsletter?Learn how to subscribe to Internxt's newsletter to keep up with the latest updates, product launches and much more!
Has Internxt’s Cloud Security Been Independently Verified?Internxt successfully passes an independent security audit conducted by Securitum. Find out more and read the full security report.
What Are the Core Values of Internxt?Learn more about our values here at Internxt. We use privacy-centric software to provide a reliable and secure user experience.
Internxt Public Q3/Q4 Roadmap 2023Do you want to know what the future holds for Internxt? Find out what we have released and what is coming over the next few months.