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What services are included in the free plan?
What services are included in the free plan?

Learn to make the most out of your free Internxt account with our range of services, features and privacy tools built with safety in mind.

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All of them! If you have an Internxt subscription or the free plan, you can access all our services, and experience the benefits of zero-knowledge encryption and open-source software for a secure cloud storage experience.

We will also provide you with access to any new services we launch. You will be able to access them all without having to upgrade or change your Internxt account.

Currently, we offer three primary cloud services:

Internxt Drive

Drive is a zero-knowledge file storage service built for absolute privacy and uncompromising security. The Internxt cloud is secure, since we use technology that makes people's data and files fully encrypted.

We cannot know the content of their files because they are fragmented and distributed to different data centers we have in the network.

Internxt Drive

Internxt Send

Send allows you to securely send any sort of encrypted file to anyone by email or with an easy-to-use sharing link.

Internxt Send

Practicing safe online strategies and using the right digital tools can dramatically lower the risk of identity theft and data breaches. That is why we also have other free tools to ensure your privacy.

Want even more tips, tricks, and facts about online privacy? For all things cybersecurity and the latest tech news, visit the Internxt Blog and find everything from an explainer on encryption to how to create strong passwords.

Internxt file storage

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