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Internxt's pricing
Internxt's pricing

Is Internxt free? How much storage do you get on our free plan? Do you offer lifetime plans? Learn about Internxt's premium plans

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Internxt offers all its users 2 GB of free storage just by signing up, and you can get up to 10GB for free with our referral plan. You do not need to enter any payment information to sign up for a free Internxt account.

Need more storage? We also offer individual plans that range from 20 GB to 2 TB, from as low as €0.89/month.

Internxt's plans and prices for individuals plans

You can check all our annual and monthly plans and prices on our website. We also offer lifetime plans, these grant you lifetime access to our premium plans, with up to 10TB of storage, for a unique one-time payment.

Need more than one member per account? Internxt also offers plans for businesses, families, and teams that range from 200 GB all the way to 20 TB per user.

Internxt's plans and prices for business plans

All our premium subscription plans come with a standard 30-day money-back guarantee. Try them for free, risk-free!

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