Internxt believes that humanity can achieve great things and that the tools we set out to create should serve a free society and allow all persons to pursue excellence without fear for their digital security.

Our products are built to not only empower people but also to promote fairness and ethical practices online. Internxt is a tool for the user to use, not a data bank built to make money off users’ data. We don’t possess or own your data, you do.

Apart from services like Drive, Photos or Send, we also have several resources and tools you can use for free.


Internxt’s Virus Scanner is a tool to help you locate any viruses that may have compromised your files. Our free virus scanner was designed to help you avoid infection and remove malware from your documents and photos.

Submit your files, and relax knowing that your files are safe and secure. Using our virus scanner is a safe online practice to evade a privacy nightmare. Scan before you click!

Internxt Virus scanner is a free online tool to prevent virus


Do you have a strong password? Find out with our safe, secure, and private password checker.

With Internxt’s Password Security Checker, you can test your password and be sure that it is as secure as it can possibly be. Also, all passwords entered into our secure password checker are not saved or stored in any way, leaving them safe to use for any of your accounts.

Check if your password is secure enough. Internxt Password Checker


Do you need to know how much cloud storage you have left before hitting your Internxt limit, or are you curious about how many gigabytes are in a terabyte?

Internxt's Byte Converter is a secure tool that allows you to convert terabytes to gigabytes and more. MB to KB, GB to TB, or MB to GB–any combination you can think of can be converted as quickly as you can type in the amount.

Internxt Byte Converter allow you to know how much storage you have


Practicing safe online strategies and using the right digital tools can dramatically lower the risk of identity theft and data breaches.

Be sure to check out our Privacy Directory, a curated list of digital rights organizations and nonprofits actively advocating for the right to privacy and the protection of internet users through social initiatives, digital education, and civil action.

Want even more tips, tricks, and facts about online privacy? For all things cybersecurity and the latest Web3 news, visit the Internxt Blog and find everything from an explainer on encryption to how to create strong passwords.

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