About Internxt Teams

Internxt Teams is our plan for companies, families, and teams. With this plan, files can be shared securely between team members and you can choose who views and downloads your files. You can backup and sync your files.

You can choose the number of users you want to give access to and the plan you want to get. Then the administrator of your team will be able to give access to the rest through an email, and links can be shared as many times as you need.

We know that sharing data, information, and documents in a team is essential to work in synergy. This service aims to preserve the confidentiality and security of the team. In addition, each person will have their own private storage space in a folder.

You can check one of our business memberships from our website and Drive web app. These memberships start as low as €4,49 per user. You can buy as much as 20TB of storage per user.

Monthly plans & prices:

Internxt's plans and prices for business plans

Annual plans & prices:

Internxt's plans and prices for business plans

You can add as many users as possible to your plan. Storage is calculated on a per-user basis, meaning that if you bought the 2 TB plan for 3 users, your company will get a total of 6 TB, to be used by those 3 team members (so 2 TB each).

Each of the team members will have a space for their personal files and will also enjoy teams, where they can share files with the rest of the members as well.

We are working on adding more integrations, permissions, and features!

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