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Is Internxt open source?
Is Internxt open source?

Internxt is available on GitHub where you can fully check our code since we are open source and trasparent with all our services.

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Internxt is fully open source and transparent. Internxt is open-source so every bit of code we create is accessible for verification and every action on our platform is recorded to the register.

Everything we have mentioned prior is all built on Internxt’s source code. Basically, the code is the language engineers, programmers and developers use to tell computer systems what to do and how to do it. Computers don't do anything without first being told or at the very least (in the case of AI) given a set of guidelines to follow.

Internxt cloud storage

Internxt is open-source, as well as most companies, which means anybody who understands the coding language can look under the hood and personally inspect the system we’ve built in our secure storage.

All of our code is published here on Github, feel free to take a look!

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