Internxt, nor any other third-party can access your Internxt files.

Internxt built its infrastructure with the vision of creating the first suite of Internet services that presented the user with total control, security, and privacy of their data.

Our secure storage was designed from the ground up with the user and their privacy in mind. To do this, we’ve built our service for Web3, which means the information we encrypt and store is decentralized and our business model has nothing to do with selling data.

Internxt is open-source and built on a blockchain so every bit of code we create is accessible for verification and every action on our platform is recorded to the blockchain register.

Encrypting and decrypting your files

When you upload a file to our private cloud storage, Internxt automatically encrypts the file before it leaves your device. Nothing you upload reaches the internet in its raw, readable form.

When a file is encrypted the information is scrambled and rendered unreadable. After your file is encrypted, we then break it into shards and distribute the pieces of information throughout the Internxt network. Only the user with the encryption key can decrypt and piece back together encrypted files.

For end-to-end encryption, we use your mnemonic as an encryption key (the only one that has access to that mnemonic is you) and we also utilize an element called IV, which is a randomly generated number that adds entropy to the encryption algorithm. We do store the IV but this is not an element that can be used to decrypt your data.

To be more specific, we use an algorithm in our safe storage, known as AES256.

Your password is hashed with a randomly generated salt. Then, before we send the hash to Internxt systems for persistence, we also encrypt this hash. By using this method we ensure nobody outside your client can gain access to your password. You can be confident that your files are in a safe storage service.

Internxt is a secure cloud that let you store your files in total privacy


All of these transactions and movements of data are tracked and organized on the blockchain, a digital registry that records all transactions in perpetuity. Think of blockchain as an old-school financial ledger, it tracks every change allowing for virtually anyone to analyze it for discrepancies. If something goes wrong or information is altered or tampered with, it will be evident in the blockchain and corrected.

Blockchain technology allows for integrity, transparency, and democracy within Internxt systems. Blockchain backers ensure that the entire process is carried out correctly.

The blockchain is tamperproof. It is capable of being copied and verified by every network user. Blockchain. Also, it allows for mediation and verification of peer-to-peer without a centralized monitor, which means Internxt doesn’t make the rules.


Everything we have mentioned prior is all built on Internxt’s source code. Basically, the code is the language blockchain engineers, programmers and blockchain developers use to tell computer systems what to do and how to do it. Computers don't do anything without first being told or at the very least (in the case of AI) given a set of guidelines to follow.

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