We have some size limitations that depend on your platform (desktop, web, or mobile app). All limits will continue to increase as we further improve the technical capabilities of our service and network.

Internxt Drive and Photos

-For uploading and downloading files:

  • Desktop app: We have a file size limit of 10GB

  • Website: We have a file size limit of 3GB on the website

  • Mobile: We have a file size limit of 3GB on the mobile app

-For sharing:

The limit for sharing files is 1GB on all platforms. This limit will be increased, and the limitations and browsers. For shared folders, there is no limit.

Internxt is a secure cloud that let you store your files in total privacy

Internxt Send

-For sending and sharing files:

Our service Internxt Send allows you to securely send any sort of encrypted file up to 5GB to anyone with an easy-to-use sharing link.

Internxt Send is a safe service to transfer files and photos

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