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Does Internxt support WebDAV?
Does Internxt support WebDAV?

Yes, Internxt supports WebDAV. Find out more about its features and how it works here.

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Internxt now supports WebDAV, enabling you to easily manage and transfer files between your local machine and your Internxt account. To learn more about this feature, and download the Internxt CLI to get WebDav support, visit our website.

Internxt CLI & WebDav v1.1.0 updates

The recent Internxt CLI + WebDav v1.1.0 release now allows for these additional features:

  • Create folders through the CLI by using internxt create-folder command

  • Create folders via WebDAV

  • Trash files and folders via WebDAV

List of commands for the Internxt CLI

Here are the list of commands Internxt currently supports. To view the commands in more detail, you can visit the WebDav section on our GitHub page.


How it works

The WebDAV feature uses a local-only server in your machine when enabled thanks to our CLI. This guarantees that our maximum levels of client-side zero-knowledge encryption standards are respected, even when using WebDAV.

  • When you download a file, the WebDAV local server decrypts your data and sends it to the WebDAV client

  • When you upload a file, the WebDAV local server encrypts your data and sends it to the Internxt servers

No plain data is being sent or pulled from the Internxt servers. You can view the whole Internxt CLI + WebDAV architecture below. Hence, in order to use WebDAV, you need to first download our CLI via npm.

Once you install our CLI, you can then connect to your Internxt account via any WebDAV client. This is needed to ensure that you can use WebDAV while keeping your information secure and encrypted on your client and never on our servers.

Offering WebDAV support while respecting our zero-knowledge award-winning architecture was a must-have requirement for us as well as our customers.

Features of Internxt WebDAV

  • Download files from your Drive

  • Upload files to your Drive

  • View your Drive content

  • Trash your Drive files or folders via WebDav (v1.1.0 release)

  • Create folders via WebDAV (v1.1.0 release)

  • Create folders with the CLI by using internxt create-folder command (v1.1.0 release)

  • Move your Drive files or folders*

* only available for the Internxt CLI

What clients does WebDAV support?

Here is the list of some WebDAV clients that we support

  • CyberDuck

  • Transmit

  • Cadaver

  • Finder

How to Install the Internxt CLI

To start using WebDAV with Internxt, you will need to install our CLI on your computer. To configure your WebDAV settings, follow the installation steps from our GitHub page.

Once you have the CLI installed, you will need to log into the CLI using the internxt login command. Once you've logged in, you'll need to enable WebDAV using internxt webdav enable. Once you've done that you can start using WebDAV with your preferred WebDAV client.

On your WebDAV client you'll need to insert the URL and port 3005.

We use self-signed certificates, so all the requests to the WebDAV local server are encrypted, since the certificates are self-signed, many WebDAV clients will complain about the certificate's trust. You can safely ignore this warning.

By following these steps, you can effortlessly manage and transfer files between your local system and your Internxt cloud storage using WebDAV. Remember to prioritize security when transferring sensitive or confidential data online.

Both, CLI and WebDAV we have file size limitation of 5GB. If you run into any problems or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us for support at [email protected]

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