How does backup work?

Find out how backup works on Internxt Drive for desktop so you can set up and manage regular backups in case you delete or lose your files.

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Please note: the Internxt backup feature is not currently available but it is in development, please check our roadmap for future updates on the Internxt product.

Internxt Drive has a backup feature that allows you to make backup copies of your files and folders in case you lose or delete your files. Backups allow saving copies of folders of the user's choice periodically. They are stored indefinitely until they are replaced by a newer copy.

Backups can only be initiated from a desktop device. You may access your backed-up files by clicking the “Backups” tabs and selecting the device backup you wish to access.

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How to back up your files on Internxt desktop

  1. Click on the Settings (gear) icon and tap “Preferences

  2. Navigate to “Backup

  3. Check the box labeled “Back up your files and folders

  4. Then click on “Select folders to backup”

  5. Click the plus (+) icon and use Finder or Explorer to loccate the folder or file(s) you wish to back up

  6. After selecting the desired files click “Done”

  7. You can then tap “Backup now” or select the drag-down box to enable a backup frequency for every 6 hours, every 12 hours, every day, or manual backups only

If you would like to find the files you’ve backed up, simply click on the “View your backups” and click on the device you initiated the backup with.

You can also delete backups by clicking on the three dots (...) icon to the left of the device name and selecting “Delete”.

You can back up as many devices as you want at the same time.

Other related points to consider:

  • Backup changes on directories are periodic, not automatic.

  • To pause a backup, you must click on the "Stop" button after initiating a backup.

  • Backups may only be downloaded via the web at the moment, and unlike standard files, they have no download limit because we use new APIs implemented by some browsers.

  • It's impossible to move already uploaded material from Drive to Backup so as not to have to upload everything again.

  • Through Drive Web, you can download any file from the backup, simply by choosing the ones you wish to download.

  • One-way sync is not available. In the next update of our desktop app, you will be able to switch off the two-way sync and use only backup mode. Stay tuned!

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