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What is two-way sync, and how does it work?
What is two-way sync, and how does it work?

Learn the features of two-way sync, and how it works and also learn how Internxt uses two-way sync to save and back up any changes you make.

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What is a two-way sync?

Two-way synchronization (bi-directional sync) mirrors data between two tools or devices. Basically, all newly created records on one app or device will be instantly (or near-instantly) re-created on another linked device. Any updates of already existing files on one device will also reflect in the records of the other authorized device.

How does two-way sync work?

With two-way sync, all changes you make on the cloud will be reflected on your PC and vice-versa. Every file and folder on your PC gets uploaded to the Internxt cloud. Consequently, the files and folders you store in the cloud are downloaded to your PC.

Currently, our desktop app doesn't offer a one-way sync process. But you can utilize our backup feature if you require uploads only. This way, you can upload files and folders of any size and delete the originals from your PC.

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