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Internxt Public Roadmap 2023
Internxt Public Roadmap 2023

Do you want to know what the future holds for Internxt? Find out what we have released and what is coming over the next few months.

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New Releases

Internxt roadmap 2023

These are our new releases you can enjoy right now with Internxt, with more to come down the road!

Drive Desktop v2.0.0

This update includes new onboarding screens, so now you can access your files quickly and easily. You will also enjoy more disk space on your computer by having the freedom to choose which files you want to download.

This new update also includes a virtual drive, a feature that allows you to access and interact with Internxt Drive. It functions like a traditional hard drive or storage device but does not occupy space on your computer.

For the selective sync update, you can control which files you want to sync between Drive and your local device, giving you more flexibility with what files you want to occupy your storage space.

These updates are now available on MacOS, and we'll release them for Windows and Linux soon.

Advanced Folder Sharing

You can now invite specific users to access and edit folders within your account and manage who can access them. These new features allow for increased collaboration and control of your files, removing the constraints associated with the current downloadable sharing link option.

Drive Global Search

Search for files throughout your account structure, rather than being limited to your current account folder for more streamlined access to files across various folders.

Increased Upload File Size Limit

We have increased the limit of the files you can upload from 10GB to 20GB on Web and Desktop platforms.

Enhanced Shared Link Protection

We’ve introduced additional protection for shared links by adding a link report option. Now you have more control over who accesses your shared content and maintain the privacy of shared files.

Edit Account Email Address

You can now change the email address associated with your Internxt account.

Language Availability

Internxt is now available in many languages: Spanish, Italian, Russian, French, German, Chinese, and English.

Account Recovery

There is now an option to download a backup key from Drive Web that is unique to you. This allows you to recover access to your account if you lose your password without losing your files!

For new and current Internxt users, it is highly recommended to download the backup key and store it in a safe place so your files remain safe.

Checkout with PayPal

We now accept PayPal! Just select this as your payment method when you checkout.

Enhanced Media Preview

Drive Web lets you preview your favorite music and video files of up to 100 MB. On top of this, you can preview docx and xlsx files without the need to download them. We are currently working on ppt files, which will be available soon.

Bug Fixes

We are constantly working to fix bugs related to speed and performance to bring you the best experience possible without interruption. Fixed bugs are:

  • Issues deleting folders from the trash

  • Internxt Send not sending emails to recipients

  • Gray screen when navigating between pages

  • Issues with canceling a trial period

If you want to contribute to our efforts, we are fully open-source, so feel free to contribute to our repositories on GitHub.

Upcoming Releases

We are excited about the future of Internxt and hope you are, too! These are what we hope to release in the upcoming months. Stay up-to-date with new releases by subscribing to our newsletter or following us on social media.

Folder Size Display

We will add the folder size to the files of your account and shared folders.

WebDAV and FTP Access

We are working on introducing support for WebDAV and FTP, a highly requested feature from our community.

Automatically Unblocking Locked Accounts

We want to take the best security measures to protect our user accounts. That is why we would block accounts that had 10 unsuccessful login attempts, and the account could only be unblocked manually by emailing our team.

We are working to simplify this process and automatically unblock accounts once an email request is made.

Dark Mode

For increased accessibility, we will release a dark mode feature for users.


Interacting With Our Community

Do you have a request for new features that aren’t on the list? Or general feedback? Reach out to us at [email protected]

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